It doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing any NBA action any time soon. NBA Commissioner David Stern announced Monday night that the first two weeks of the NBA season is canceled. After two days of meetings between the players and the owners, the two sides still can not come to an agreement about how basketball related income (BRI) will be disbursed between the two sides.

BRI includes just about every revenue stream, from tickets to parking to broadcast rights to concessions. Initially, BRI was split between the two sides with the players receiving 57% and the owners getting 43%. The owners wanted to change the split to an even 50/50, but the players weren’t feeling this new arrangement. They in return told the owners that they are willing to have their percentage decreased to 53% and nothing more. The owners must have felt disrespected because after this proposal they decided that they want 53% of BRI and the players should receive 47%, according to ESPN. This of course angered the players even more leading to the Commissioner’s decision to cancel the first two weeks.

“We certainly hoped it would never come to this,” Stern told reporters after last night’s meeting. “I think that both sides worked hard to get to a better solution. We think that we made very fair proposals. I’m sure the players think the same thing. But the gap is so significant that we just can’t bridge it at this time.”

Some of our favorite NBA stars took to their twitter accounts to express their frustrations and apologies to the fans.

Lebron James tweeted, “”I wanna sincerely say sorry to all the fans. It’s a sad day for all of us, especially u guys! There’s no US w/o You. #loveuguys.”

Dwyane Wade lashed out at David Stern by tweeting, “STERN’s ‘WORDS’ 2dayhurt the ppl who work at the AAA [American Airlines Arena],other arena’s,as well as local businesses &our fans,” he said. “Those are the one’s who are affected by STERN’s ‘WORDS’2day..its a Lockout-NOT a Strike.”

Carmelo Anthony offered his apologies to the fans, but also checked the ones who are blaming the players for the lockout. “I just wanna apologize to all the fans for this lockout,” he tweeted. “Trust me, I feel y’all pain. This shit sucks.” He later said, “Last thing.It bothers me to hear people talk about things they know nothing about!!!”

Well there you have it. Who do you think is to blame for the NBA lockout?


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  • SAA

    I’m not too sad about this, if anything I’m kinda excited that this means I’ll be able to spend more time with my boyfriend now that he won’t be glued to the TV watching ball….of course he is devastated so I’ll keep this to myself lol.

  • Pink

    These ballers better be careful on what they are tweeting. Don’t they know that a lot of people are getting in trouble putting all these tweets, and texts out there. LOL LOL

  • African Mami

    I’m soooooooooooooooo saddened by this. My heart goes out to my CEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELTICS BOOS, in order of priority: Rondo, KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen……..oh mi gosh…..I feelz ur pains!

  • Intellblackman

    The “owners” want 53% of the BRI? Absurd! This is nothing more than pure, unmitigated arrogance on the part of the owners. Before people get pissed at the players and call them greedy, think about this. People don’t pay money to go to basketball games to see the owners play. The owners would be nothing without the players. The players are the oil that keeps the whole machine running.

    For years I’ve always likened professional sports to a modernized version of the slave trade. Follow me now. Players get bought, sold and traded without their consent…..forced to sometimes move cross-country, disrupting the lives of their entire families. Can you say “Kizzy”? The NBA Commissioner and the team owners create policies and set rules the players must follow. Disobey those rules and they’re subjected to fines and penalties, which is nothing more than a metaphorical lashing. Why even the term “owners” brings back visions of Kunta Kinte hobbling around on one foot. I know athletes get paid big bucks, but they’re still noting more than “high priced” slaves. Reason being, they don’t truly control their own destinies. Their masters……I mean owners do.

    • Pink

      Intellblakman: Then move over and let someone else get a multi million dollar contract from their master (as u call the owners). The real slaves got nothing but a lashing…at least these guys get millions….doing something they enjoy.

    • Pink

      Intell: Besides it’s not the owners fault that over the years none of the players (except Jordan) have pooled their money together and bought a team. I know it’s not that simple….but it can be done. But instead a lot of players spend their money on bling bling, strip joints, cars and gold-diggers