Brit Jo Frost has done an amazing job on ABC’s Supernanny, whipping families into shape with her own special brand of discipline, but now she has to make way because there is a new sheriff in town. Deborah Tillman, a former accountant who decided to quit her job and shift her focus to child-care, is the new star of America’s Supernanny. The Virginia-based Tillman who has a son started her own home school in 1992 and since then, she has expanded her business with several learning centers located in the Virginia area. Considering her impressive resume, it’s no wonder that she caught the eye of the new show’s producers.

The budding TV star is looking forward to the opportunity to help families across the country rise above their challenges, she says “I feel blessed and privileged that I have been chosen to do exactly what I was put on earth to do, and that is to help children and families come together, het it together and stay together”.

We couldn’t have said it any better! Hail to the new Supernanny! May the force be with you!

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  • amanda

    I am so excited to see this woman’s approach but I will miss Jo very much. Hopefully this woman will show black parents especially that you don’t have to spank, beat or whip your kids into submission. Not saying that all black parents do but younger ones especially need to see that.

    • SAA

      Definitely agree. It bothers me seeing parents (particularly young ones) smacking their children in public along with dragging their toddlers aggressively (I don’t know if they realize their child’s legs are like 12 inches long) or screaming in their face/ cursing at them. I’m sure this could be a regional thing but its still disturbing nonetheless.