The video for Ne-Yo’s latest single, “The Way You Move,” is very typical and a perfect example that sex sells. It was shot in Atlanta strip club, Diamonds, and is basically five minutes of strippers all over Ne-Yo, Trey Songz and T-Pain. The video does fit the song perfectly so I guess we couldn’t ask for anything more.

Watch the video below:

The song is on DJ Wonda’s mixtape, “Tough Love.” Are you feeling it?


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  • ms_micia

    can we for the love of baby Jesus STOP glorifying and romantacizing strip clubs????? if u’ve ever been to one you’d kno its nothin to glorify or sing syrupy lovesongs about. its as nasty and disgusting and chuvenistic as you’d expect such a place to be. had this come from anybody else i may have jus shrugged n charged it to the game but i expected a lil more from ne-yo. he’s always made wat i considered quality CLASSY RnB. I guess he been in atlanta too long. as a former resident they maKe strip clubs seem like the local market. this normalization of extreme debased sexual behavior needs to end. NOW!

    • Couldn’t agree more Micia. I expect better from Ne-Yo and this was just trashy. Why must women be so objectified?!?

      And like Jenn, I was tolerating it until the booty-poppin started…really?

  • trev

    This is what I need in my life…This is a man’s get away…LOL. Lovin the song and the video…hmm the way she MOVE!!! pay attention ladies stop thinking like a chic and think the way we do when viewing and lusting over these dancers…