Nicki Minaj has been getting a lot of press lately. Depending on how you look at it, she was either the darling or dud of New York Fashion week, causing a stir with her outrageous outfits.

Since bursting on the scene, Nicki’s managed to straddle both worlds–the streets and ultra exclusive–with ease. Because of this, Nicki’s snagged the November cover of Cosmo. She’s one of the few Black women to grace the cover in the past few years (Rihanna was the other), and she’s looking pretty fierce in her toned-down black bob and leather bustier.


What do you think of Nicki’s Cosmo cover? Do you still read the magazine?  


*hat tip to Rap Radar

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  • secret ninja

    every time i pass by the magazine rack at the grocery store, Cosmo has some lame tagline on the cover of their magazine “786/532/990 ways to turn you on your man/positions to try/moves to try!” there are not that many positions/moves and they need to stop lieing!

  • hehe

    The last time I read Cosmo was my sophomore year of college. People like to talk about how Essence is repetitive but Cosmo is worse.

  • CaliDreaming86

    Cosmo magazine is a mess. I used to read Cosmo on a regular bases, but then a switch came on and I began to wonder why every issue of the magazine pretty much only contained articles on how women need to change who they are or what they need to do to be more pleasing to men.

  • I ready Cosmo occasionally but not often. I heart Glamour,Essence,Vogue,etc. I do think Cosmo print the same articles regarding sex, relationships and how to wow your man. Women need info they can use and retain. Things that can relate to their everyday life. Real life stories. I think Nicki rocked it out!


  • mluv

    i love cosmo mag but i dont buy it a whole lot.. every now and then. It would be nice to see more black faces on the cover.. no offense but it had to be nikki.. there mags are always about sex.. so i dont get it to much b/c im not having much of it.. lol TMI..