Yesterday, rapper Nicki Minaj surprised two of her smallest fans.

Last week 8-year-old Sophia Grace and her 5-year-old cousin Rosie went viral when a video of the two performing Nicki Minaj’s popular song “Super Bass” hit the web.

Although some were concerned about the pint-sized cuties singing along with Nicki’s grown up lyrics, most people thought their performance was totally adoriable. After 7 million YouTube hits, the duo caught the attention of talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. DeGeneres, flew Sophia (the more outgoing of the two) and Rosie in to be on her show and surprised them by bringing out Minaj.

After surprising the pair, Nicki asked Sophia Grace to perform with her.

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Before leaving, Minaj gave the pair some words of advice: “We feel like we are watching a journey that’s about to be amazing. Stay in school. Music is beautiful. But I want you to stay in school, OK? Put your books first and singing second.”

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  • Trini

    I think to some extent the overly exaggerated hype is based on the fact that most people generally believe that ALL black people are amazing:

    a. Singers
    b. Dancers
    c. Athletes
    d. All of the above

    So when a white person comes along that seems to reach our level, especially at a young age, people cant believe their eyes or ears.

    • sandrine

      They’re excited that they can (possibly) do it better and the whole, would prefer to see a reflection of themselves performing those talents.

  • Kam

    The girls are adorable but I don’t think any child should be rapping about guys selling coke (among other things) white or black. I don’t find it cute at all.

    • S.

      GAWD is that what the song is about?!? O_o

      Well then, I’m glad it’s not the children of ignorant Black parents who’s being paraded on television for letting their daughters listen to such trash (not that they don’t exist)

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  • Karma

    That was one of the cutest thing’s i’ve seen in a long time! Oh, and can we stop with all the racial crap? If you had negative feeling’s about it then why did you watch it? And another thing, If two little black girls were on here singing a white singers lyrics, everyone would love it. Its just because two little british white girls are RAPPING that makes it cute. Although i agree, talking about selling coke and panties coming off are’nt for a 5 & 8 yr old, it was still adorable.