It is yet another sad day for Americans (especially African Americans) as our president, Barack Obama, has been used to advertise fried chicken in China, according to TheRoot.com.

This is not the first time we have seen such nonsense as President Obama name was used in the title of a fried chicken restaurant in Brooklyn, NY called Obama Fried Chicken. The stereotypical correlation between African Americans and fried chicken is one that holds little merit and should be done away with. I know people of all races and cultures who enjoy fried chicken and some Blacks who steer clear of it. One of the main reasons being the negative connotation associated with being Black and eating fried chicken.

Of all the positive and culturally uplifting stances our President represents, eating fried chicken is what people in China will recognize him for the most (shaking my head). To add insult to injury, the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Hong Kong has also used the President’s voice and a man posing as the President in commercials.

The video is below for your viewing displeasure.

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