Finally a reality show that wants to focus on the positive aspects of being a woman in the music industry. Syleena Johnson, Faith Evans, Tweet, Angie Stone, Monifah, KeKe Wyatt, LeLee of SWV and Brownstone original member Nicci Gilbert are set to star in the new reality show, “Diary of a Diva,” which is slated for a 2012 release.

The show will focus on the personal and professional lives of the R&B singers who a lot of us grew up listening to. In reference to drama, Syleena Johnson told Soultrain.com, “The good news is that you’re dealing with a group of women who have careers and lives and focus, where we don’t really have time to sit around and argue. So if there’s drama, which I’m sure there will be, there’s definitely going to be resolutions, you’re going to be able to see resolutions as well,” she said. It would be nice to see a reality show on TV where the women aren’t trying to jump over tables to attack each other.

The show is a Think Factory Production and was created by Nicci Gilbert. Johnson told Billboard.com’s The Juice that the show will begin taping this month. “It’s like an R&B ‘Housewives meets an ‘Unsung,” she told The Juice.

I know many of their fans will be interested to see what these ladies have been up to in their time out of the spot light. There is no word yet on which network will pick up the show. Let’s hope that whoever picks it up will focus on the good parts of these women’s live and not exploit any bad ones.

Will you be watching?

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