The peculiar case of 47-year-old Wesley Warren, Jr. has got to be the poster boy for everything that’s wrong with the American health care system. In spite of the fact that he developed a severe case of scrotal elephantiasis, his health insurance refuses to cover surgery to remove his massively debilitating genitals.

It’s an odd story how Warren’s affliction came into being. More commonly found in sections of the African continent, elephantiasis is thought to be caused by mosquito bites. Warren claims that he’s never been to a tropical area, but believes his condition was brought on by accidentally squeezing his balls between his legs while lying in bed back in ‘08. The next day, he claims, he noticed his scrotum was the size of a soccer ball.
Now with a mutated scrotum that weighs in the neighborhood of 100lbs, the 47 year old is left virtually homebound, has difficulty walking as well as using the bathroom. He uses a plastic milk crate to keep his enormous genitals elevated while seated and wears extra large hoodies for pants to accommodate for the abnormal girth.

“It’s not easy to get around,” he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “It makes me stay in most of the time.” Suffering from depression behind his rare affliction, Warren is something of an inspiration. He confessed, “I want to have real friends and a relationship with a woman… But I’m not suicidal. I’m too strong for that.”
Out of all the places to reach out for help, Wesley Warren decided to go on Howard Stern’s show to raise awareness, and cash, to cure him of his dreadful disorder.

“I don’t like being a freak, who would?” he said. “But I figured that the Stern show is listened to by millions of people and they might want to help me. I hope some millionaire or billionaire will want to help me.”

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