Just a month after storming New York’s financial district, the Occupy Wall Street protests are spreading across the world and the demonstrations in the states grow more and more contentious.

Over the weekend nearly 175 protestors were arrested in Chicago, Dr. Cornel West and singer Raheem Devaughn were arrested in Washington D.C., and a massive demonstration took place in New York’s TImes Square. As more and more citizens organize their own “Occupy” movements across the country, their message is also spreading around the world.

Tonight, hundreds are camping out at London’s venerable St. Paul’s Cathedral, and a riot broke out during the Occupy Italy protests on Saturday when extremists began setting fire to cars, smashing bank ATMs, and smashing police cars in Rome.

While many struggle to understand what exactly the movement hopes to accomplish, others have joined the protests to vent their frustration about the current state of the economy and a system they feel is rigged.

But how about you?

Have you participated in the “Occupy” protests? Will you?

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  • I went to the one held here in Jacksonville Florida. It was a pretty cool event and talking to people and hearing what they had to say gave me a different outlook on the movement than i originally had.

    • Jab Jab

      Its exciting how fast its spreading!! What was your outlook before vs now?

  • Socially Maladjusted

    I wish people would do a bit of research before they show themselves up to be ignorant about which they speak.

    Criticizing the Occupy Wall Street Movement for lacking vision, leadership and defined goals shows a lack of understanding of what this movement is about at its most basic level.

    What could possibly be more visionary than imagining a world in which we have achieved a true equality?

    Does it not occur to anyone that having a leadership tier would immediately betray that vision? You can’t leaders and have an equal society. That’s what we’ve got now, we’re neck deep in leaders and inequality reigns.

    OWS doesn’t want to rmaintain the hierarchal social order that we already have, and simply replace the faces currently at the top of the pyramid with new ones. They want a true democracy and an end to capiltalism.

    The People’s Mic is an inspiring example of creative ingenuity, and democracy at work.

    A speaker says a few words and the others gathered, repeat the words so that everyone can hear and UNDERSTAND what’s being said. It was concieved to overcome the ban on megaphones.

    Who’s lacking vision now eh?


    They have General Assemblies in which decisions are made bottom up by EVERYBODY, rather top down from on “high”.

    How would that work in the Corporate context?

    Instead of 20 people making the decsion the move production to China, putting 10s of 1000s out of work, the workers would likely decide to keep production local and keep their jobs.

    What’s lacking vision about that?

    We are all affected by what happens in this world and we all responsible for what happens in the world, which means we ALL have a duty of care to preserve the earth and it’s resources and a duty of care to each other.

    Anyone who wants to abdicate that duty of care to some leader is anti-freedom anti-equality anti-justice and anti-mother nature.

    People are trying to create a new and better world

    There was a guy with a placard saying –


    (brilliant, you know, instead of the usual “the end is nigh”, placard baring.lone doom monger)

    Indeed the future is nigh and blacks must not allow ourselves to be left out yet again. We must also have a responsibiltity to contribute our vision of new and better world.

    • B

      I don’t always agree with your opinions, but on this I most certainly agree. There is a difference between a democracy (OWS) and a democratic republic (the system we live in the U.S., wherein the majority delegate a small minority to carry out the goals of the majority – because that works soooo well. *sarcasm). Unfortunately, most Americans tend to think we live in a democracy and fail to understand that we don’t, and therefore, fail to understand what real democracy looks like. OWS is the closest thing I’ve seen to real democracy in action. (i.e. the human/people’s mic.) Clearly, most of us are not ready for it, as much as we say we are (and supposedly try to spread it everywhere else). That’s the hypocrisy of American ideology.

  • Jane

    I work for a bank…. wouldnt that make me a hypocrite?