Just a month after storming New York’s financial district, the Occupy Wall Street protests are spreading across the world and the demonstrations in the states grow more and more contentious.

Over the weekend nearly 175 protestors were arrested in Chicago, Dr. Cornel West and singer Raheem Devaughn were arrested in Washington D.C., and a massive demonstration took place in New York’s TImes Square. As more and more citizens organize their own “Occupy” movements across the country, their message is also spreading around the world.

Tonight, hundreds are camping out at London’s venerable St. Paul’s Cathedral, and a riot broke out during the Occupy Italy protests on Saturday when extremists began setting fire to cars, smashing bank ATMs, and smashing police cars in Rome.

While many struggle to understand what exactly the movement hopes to accomplish, others have joined the protests to vent their frustration about the current state of the economy and a system they feel is rigged.

But how about you?

Have you participated in the “Occupy” protests? Will you?

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