When I was 10, my mother and I had “the talk.” As I concentrated on not exploding with embarrassment, my mother told me about penises, testicles, eggs, and just how kissing could get your pregnant (oh, you didn’t know?).

As I got older, the talks continued. Whenever something about teens and sex would come on TV, she’d launch into another of her lectures about waiting until marriage because a husband doesn’t want a pair of used shoes (her metaphor game was better than most rappers).

Although I was completely mortified, and to this day try to melt into oblivion if a sex scene comes on in a movie we’re watching, I appreciate her commitment to keeping her little lady safe. Because of her talks and advice, I waited until I was way, way grown to have sex and avoided many of the traps some of my peers feel victim to.

Growing up, I thought all kids got “the talk.” It happened on TV shows, so I figured it went on in actual households, but I was wrong. When I became a teacher, I realized that many parents were leaving the sex talk up to TV shows and rappers (bad combo), which left a few of my students pregnant before they made it to 8th grade.

Knowing that many teens are missing out on proper “talks,” Planned Parenthood dubbed October “Let’s Talk” month and are encouraging parents (or caregivers) to talk to their kids about sex. Many parents feel uncomfortable talking to their children about sex, so the talk is either very confusing or never happens at all.

Luckily, my mother made sure we had man (many, many) talks, but there were still things I wished I would have known or had the courage to ask.


But how about you? What do you wish your parents would have told you about sex? 

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