Yesterday, I shared the promo for the upcoming season of VH1’s hit reality show ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ and today the network released the supertrailer.

All I can say is…..RATCHET!

I don’t even want to comment on this, so I’ll leave it up to y’all.

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What do you think, Clutchettes? Must see TV or are you going to pass?

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  • sia

    But seriously tho. How old are these women? Hair pulling and name calling all for the sake of a check? This whole show reeks of desperation and sadness.

  • Patricia

    This is making me question myself. I don’t like BasketWives of LA. However, I think I may support the first couple episodes of Love & Hip Hop – Season 2. I am curious to see how they can stay through all of this BS or maybe they don’t have a choice. Either way, I might just learn a little something about “staying power”! How do they do it? Hopefully that question can get answered. Also, this clip had me cracking up. Some of it was funny!

  • apple

    this should be called thirst and hiphop because these women can’t even get claimed as a girlfriend let alone get loved..