A well rounded woman is a woman who reads, and whether you love the traditional comfort of a hardcover or the modern convenience of an e-reader, indulging in a good book feeds the mind and soothes the soul. Here are four books that are sure to be welcome additions to any book collection.

Life Lessons For My Sisters: How to Make Wise Choices and Live a Life You Love! – Natasha Munson
In this book Munson uses her own personal experiences to engage readers as she offers a direct approach to life’s challenges and provides spiritual lessons that are meant to lead you on a path to a happier, more productive life. From basic lessons like “Be Careful Who You Hang Around” and “Life Is About Timing,” to more complex advice like “Leave a Legacy” and “Patience Is a Form of Faith,” Spiritual Lessons for My Sisters is a book that women of all ages and backgrounds can relate to.

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