After months of promotion, BET’s highly anticipated ‘Reed Between The Lines‘ made it’s debut last night after the annual BET Hip Hop Awards. The show stars sitcom veterans Tracy Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner as Alex and Carla Reed, the Buppie couple at the center of a blended family.

Many of you tuned in, so…how was it? Was it great? Are you giving it a chance because we want it to be great? Or were you turned all the way off? Speak!

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  • the show is terrible malcolm is to serious its hard to understand reed between what? its dum maybe the worst sitcom the kids cant act maybe except the boy an its wack malcolm always hard on the kids the people who wrote this needs a bit of work or this show will not last get rid of the man maybe keep her and the boy hire someone else its not like the cosby i loved that show this show really sucks and dont make any sense maybe just bad actors

  • Ellie

    As much as I really wanted to love the show because Tracee is definately a wonderful comedic actress, I recommend they dump all of those kids (horrible actors), Horsford and Gabrielle (they add nothing to the show) and get rid of the corny storylines. Tracee and Malcom deserve better writers and supporting actors. I like the chemistry between Tracee and Malcom has certainly improved (good to see Black Love on TV again), but those kids! Who told them they could act?