From Frugivore — It’s no secret that most Americans today are overweight or obese and that the number of weight related illnesses and deaths have skyrocketed in recent years. In an effort to become part of the solution a 13 restaurants in New York City, including the famed Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem, have partnered with Mount Sinai School of Medicine for the “Save Half For Later” campaign which is encouraging customers to eat healthier portions. During the campaign restaurants will be giving out containers to encourage customers to put away half their meals before they start eating.

According to the article:

The restaurant-based portion control initiative began as an effort by Mount Sinai’s IMPACT Communities Diabetes Center and the East Harlem Diabetes Center of Excellence to prevent and manage obesity and diabetes. Adults in East Harlem are at twice the risk of developing obesity or diabetes as adults in Manhattan.

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  • Simone

    I’m just a second year college student, so I’m not always on my mental game but ummm….wouldn’t it be better if restaurants just cut their portions in half? I’m a small girl but you give me a portion big enough for me and my husband, I will eat the whole damn thing, and your finger if it is there too long. Just make smaller portions. That’s all. But like I said….hey. I don’t know much.

    • Mw

      I think it’s an effort to make people see food differently. That way, the restaurant isn’t controlling your portion, you are. Eventually, like Pavlov’s dog, you’ll retrain your brain. Also, the restaurant’s prices (profits) are based on what they put on your plate: they lose if they cut your food in half but charge the same price as they also lose if they cut their prices as well as your portions…

      But I agree with you, in general, it’s a silly idea.

  • African Mami

    Save half for later?! Who does that…I EAT the hell out of my goat meat platter…I’m not going to save it for a rainy day. Jokes aside:

    If they truly want to fight obesity, these restaurants need to do a100% overhaul in their menu offerings and cooking methods and ingredients used. I hope those containers are made from biodegradable content…if they can turn into manure, then I’m 1% with them in their cause!

    Frugivore, absolutely LOVE the articles ya’ll put on. Keep up the good work.