Yes…we’re here again.

Apparently, Rick Perry will do just about anything to stay relavant these days. After dismal debate performances and tanking poll numbers, the Texas governor is trying his hardest to pander to the far Right by once again questioning the President’s place of birth.

Recently, Perry had dinner with Donald Trump, who is STILL obsessed with President Obama’s birth certificate. Earlier this year, Trump flirted with the idea of running for the Republican presidential nomination and made birtherism his platform. After allegedly dispatching detectives to Hawaii (which, many feel he never did), Trump took credit for making the President release his long-form birth certificate.

Although many thought birtherism was finally dead, Perry is apparently trying to use it to snatch a bit of current GOP front-runner Herman Cain’s spotlight.

In an interview with Parade magazine, Perry inferred that President Obama’s birthplace is still in doubt.

Here’s Gov. Perry’s Parade magazine exchange:

Governor, do you believe that President Barack Obama was born in the United States?
I have no reason to think otherwise.

That’s not a definitive, “Yes, I believe he”—
Well, I don’t have a definitive answer, because he’s never seen my birth certificate.

But you’ve seen his.
I don’t know. Have I?

You don’t believe what’s been released?
I don’t know. I had dinner with Donald Trump the other night.

That came up.

And he said?
He doesn’t think it’s real.

And you said?
I don’t have any idea. It doesn’t matter. He’s the President of the United States. He’s elected. It’s a distractive issue.

So, despite calling it a “distractive issue,” Gov. Perry has no problem throwing JUST enough shade at President Obama’s birth certificate to keep him relavant with those on the fringes of the Right. How convenient.

Does Rick Perry have a chance at the presidency or is this the beginning of the end? 


*Photo courtesy of Parade magazine

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