The Wall Street Journal reports that Rolex has recently added Tiger Woods to “the family of Rolex ambassadors”. Prior to his infidelity scandal nearly two years ago, Woods was the world’s highest paid endorsement figure in sports. The Journal hints that this deal was signed at a fraction of what the golfer may have earned had he been signed before his personal problems came to light.

Woods lost deals from AT&T, Accenture, Gillette and competing watchmaker Tag Heuer after his long list of infidelities came to light after a physical altercation with his wife outside their home in the fall of 2009. Rumors about drug use swirled about but fizzled, though a veritable clown car of mistresses came forward to detail their relationship with the seemingly squeaky clean athlete.

The watch brand’s website has been updated to include  “Rolex and Tiger Woods: A Partnership for a New Challenge: This association pays tribute to the exceptional stature of Tiger Woods and the leading role he plays in forging the sport’s global appeal. It also constitutes a joint commitment to the future.”

In a statement, they added “Rolex is convinced that Tiger Woods still has a long career ahead of him and that he has all the qualities required to continue to mark the history of hold. The brand is committed to accompanying him in his new challenges.”

Do you think the tawdry details of Tiger’s personal life jibe with the elegant Rolex brand? Or are you glad to see the pro-golfer get another chance? 


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