Well isn’t this a surprise (not really).  Reality star, Royce Reed, announced today on her Twitter account that she will NOT be returning for the fourth season of “Basketball Wives.”

“Good Afternoon! As of right now I have decided NOT to return for Season 4 of BBW due to artistic differences. Things may change but as of now, No!”

Reed tweeted this message to her over 300,000 followers, but I am sure it was expected. She was deemed the outcast of the show by the other basketball wives for the majority of the last season. It was to the point that no one wanted to film scenes with her except for peacemaker Suzie Ketcham and hot tempered Tami Roman. Roman actually responded to Reed’s announcement with this tweet:

Well ok @Roycelr don’t be surprised-several others may follow…

Last month Evelyn Lozada revealed that she also would not be returning to “Basketball Wives.” There has been speculation that the real reason for all of these departures is financial demands. The New York Post ran this blurb about issues the producer of the show was having with the ladies on Monday:

Which producer of a VH1 reality show is fed up with negotiations over contracts for “Basketball Wives?” The producer was overheard telling people that the ladies “better fall in line” or they’ll be booted “like the New York Housewives”

It looks like Shaunie O’Neal’s money train is about to pull into the station indefinitely. Are you surprised at Reed’s decision?



According to an email from VH1 to the Loop 21, Royce ISN’T leaving Basketball Wives.

The Loop 21 reports: “All rumors!,” Nyle Washington, senior publicist at VH1, told Loop 21 in an email. “We are gearing up to shoot our fourth season of Basketball Wives and so far all the women from the previous season have signed on.”

Hmm…do we smell a publicity stunt?

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