There may not be any wedding bells in the near future for Jennifer Hudson as a close source told Black Media Scoop that the wedding is indeed off. We reported earlier this month that the relationship between Hudson and her finace, WWE star David Otunga, was on the rocks because Otunga refused to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Insiders close to Hudson are saying that the reasons for the split include Hudson’s drastic weight loss, a clash between the two over her career goals, commitment issues and her reluctance to have more children. The couple already have an adorable 2-year-old son, David Otunga Jr.

The couple was planning to wed in August 2012 in Hudson’s hometown of Chicago. Hudson and Otunga haven’t been seen out in public together in months.

Interestingly enough after these rumors hit the net, Hudson’s publicist told E!online that the couple are still together, but are just pushing back their wedding date. They have been engaged for three years.

Do you think they will really take that walk down the aisle?

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  • Wow, how times have changed.

    First, if they don’t get married because he won’t sign a pre-nup, that’s on him and not her. Should they have waited; probably, but that doesn’t seem to be what happens today. He’s making his own money now; for those who decry his being in the WWE (that’s what it is by the way) you have to realize that if he’s there he’s making good money; they don’t make it on TV without being either good or getting paid.

    Second, I always had this feeling that it was more like a Nick Lashay – Jessica Simpson thing than true love. Didn’t they meet around the time she was having her family tragedy? I’m not saying it wasn’t love but the timing was certainly convenient.

    Personally I hope it’s not true; I always hope for everlasting love whenever two people get together. If it’s meant to be it’ll work out.

  • The man is worth about 10 mil, which isn’t too shabby. She’s worth about upwards of 18mil. Whats a few million here or there, lol. Her career definitely has more potential for longevity though..he’s an athlete so the WWE gig won’t last forever. Ultimately I feel she doing the right thing if that’s what she feels in her heart. But ultimatums on both sides is not a good way to start a marriage.

  • Penny

    Uh…is this Terry McMillan all over again? He looks gay as hell.

  • Miss A

    If it is because he won’t sign a pre-nup then forget him! But, if he is worth millions, then both should have pre-nups to protect themselves. I think J Hud changed since she lost that weight and may be getting more attention from men who otherwise wouldnt give her the time of day. She needs to remember that David (he is fine) was with her when she had the chubby cheeks and no waistline….plus she is known to dump a guy when her life/career progresses. She dumped a long time boyfriend when she first got famous…..lol