This November, one of our favorite Hollywood talents covers Upscale Magazine. Sanaa Lathan is front and center to discuss “babies, brains & bullets” in this latest edition. Upscale Publisher Shelia Bronner sang the actresses praises:

“We fell in love with her in ‘Love & Basketball’ and admired her courage in the stage play, ‘A Raisin in the Sun,’ in this issue we tell her story and honor Hollywood’s leading lady Sanaa Lathan “Sanaa embodies the definition of success! With hits in film, television and Broadway, this Yale graduate, along with her contagious smile, charming personality and fearless pursuit for her dreams is an inspiration to women of all walks of life!”

Dig the following selection of Upscale’s chat with the gorgeous thespian:

Regarding her off Broadway play By the Way, Meet Vera Stark:
“It was such a great tour de force role about black women in Hollywood through out the ages. It was like standing room only every night. We extended the play twice. It was really a charmed experience.

On completing the film Vipaka, co-starring  Forrest Whitaker, Anthony Mackie & Mike Epps:
”I play Anthony Mackie’s wife. It’s basically a movie about relationships and the secrets people have and the karma that results after telling lies and keeping secrets. Working with Mike and Anthony and Forrest was kind of ironic because it’s such a heavy character, such a heavy plot, a heavy story and it’s going to be intense and you’re going to be on the edge of your seat. And yet, we had the best time on set…just always laughing between takes, it’s just been really fun.”

On finding love:
One of the things I’ve learned is that I need somebody who stimulates me mentally. I cannot be bored! Someone with a sense of humor, someone who has a sense of spiritually, whatever that maybe and obviously, somebody who’s interested in being in a relationship.”

Regarding having babies:
”I do want to be a mother… I crave that at times and yet I won’t do it out of fear because of my age-so I really just leave it in God’s hands and we shall see.”

On life in the present, as well as hopes and dreams for the future:
“[Acting is] not difficult anymore. I’ve trained myself to be focused on what’s going well that I won’t even entertain [difficulties], because I feel so blessed in life. I’m living my dream. I’m really appreciative and grateful for everything. I’m a cartoon character. I did a play. I’m on the big screen. I mean, what more can you ask for?”


Big up to DefGlam for the informative selection!


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