I fell down. Yes, all the way down some stairs in a sliding motion. Though my back was hurting the next morning, I couldn’t help but laugh. I must have fell hard because the guy who was trying to make it down through the snow behind me sounded so concerned when he yelled, “OMG, are you OK?”

I ultimately decided it was payback for my LOLs and giggles at the girl who hit a split on the iced sidewalk or the guy who suddenly slid in the water from the melting snow. I mean they got up so quick. Their faces were just as priceless as mine — but I digress.


Still, I’m a fierceless, high heel wearing diva even when it’s cold — even when it snows. That time I fell, it was in furry, flat Timberland snow boots. Shoot, I see it like this: if there is any such thing as falling fashionably, I’d rather do it in heels and even do a cute hair flip with a political wave to any onlookers.

Who wears flats to a party? What about a dinner ball? A red carpet event? Events that call for heels don’t come to a halt during the winter, so I won’t hang up my heels. No, no, no, I just won’t. No shoe can give you the feminine and long look that a heel can. So, when I get all dolled up or want to rock some heels on a cold winter day, I consider my options.

1) Let my Flats Turn into Heels
When I’m out I usually carry a huge bag that contains everything I would ever need in it. Just in case I get picked up and dropped on a deserted island, I’m covered. During a snowy day, I throw a pair of my cute designed flats in my bag then switch them out for my pumps right before I make my entrance. It’s a win-win.

2) Consider Heeled Alternatives
Boots are made with heels, and are great options to replace your pumps because they have the extra support. Anytime I want to feel edgy, I rock my knee high leather boots. Modern day wedges are great alternatives as well because they are comfortable but still gives you the long look that a pump would.

3) Stockings and Tights and Pumps Oh My!
If you’re a pump lover like me, stocking and tights are your friends. Wear pumps that are textured on the bottom. Pumps with smooth bottoms will only set you up for an epic fall — a fashionably one though.

How do you make it through the winter in heels?

-Shavon Donnell

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