During a conversation on the show, “The View,” on Monday, the topic of whether or not Hermain Cain should have used the word n**ger when talking about Rick Perry came up and it sparked a bit of an uproar. Perry’s family leased a hunting camp with the name N***erhead for years and Cain called this insulting. After co-host Whoopi Goldberg used the word in a sentence, Barbara Walters then used the word trying to figure out why it was ok for Cain to use the word freely and others have to hyphenate it by saying the “n-word.” Shepherd wasn’t having it.

“I didn’t like the way you said it,” Shepherd said. “I don’t know if it’s a semantics thing… but something just goes through my body. When you say it, it’s a different connotation.” Walters became upset and was offended by Shepherd saying that it wasn’t ok for her to use the word. Shepherd responded by saying, “I could never explain the way I feel.”

Whoopi chimed in and somewhat came to Walters defense by stating that she doesn’t care if a person of another race says it just as long as they are not directing it towards her.

Walters was still flustered by Shepherd’s statements and continued to go back and forth with her in an attempt to get an explanation -that she was satisfied with- as to why she couldn’t use the word. At the end of the bickering the two agreed to go to dinner so that Shepherd can further explain her feelings about non-Blacks using the word n**ger.

Here is the video of the entire debate. Do you think Shepherd over-reacted or was Walters being insensitive?

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