Shonda Rhimes, the woman who brought us Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, is at it again.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the award-winning writer just sold another show to ABC. The show is being billed as an hour-long drama that is part soap opera and part conspiracy thriller.

The show, titled The Circle, is about “ten friends, adopted as children by a billionaire philanthropist, who begin to question their past when one of their own is murdered.”

Sounds interesting.

This has been a GREAT year for Rhimes. She recently sold a drama to Fox called Wildwood about “a wise-beyond-her-years teenager who poses as an adult in order to land a job at a bar on the Jersey Shore” and in August she sold them a “period luxury hotel drama.” According to Jezebel, Rhimes is also gearing up to for the release of a Washington D.C. based drama called “Scandal”.

With Rhimes’ success, I wonder if more female and/or writers of color will also get a chance to shine. Let’s hope so.

Peep the ‘Scandal’ trailer below*. kuddos Shonda! 

*Hat tip to Clutchette Fiore Scott!

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