In the words of Kanye West “this sh!t cray…”

A porn actor by the name of Alex Torres was working as an instructor at California’s Skydive Taft , when he had the bright idea to tape himself having sex AND in midair during a dive. He recruited Hope Howell, a receptionist at the skydive school and voila, he’s got a NSFW viral video.

Torres-known as “Voodoo” in his porn life-wanted to get acknowledged by Howard Stern. Ahem. Okay. He posted the video, which is oddly set to a Katy Perry song, on his age-protected blog. The local police have begun an investigation, as the video has made its way around a number of area schools. On the clip (which includes the name and phone number of Skydive Taft…#fail), Torres and Howell are seen having sex before jumping out of the plane mid-coitus.

Taft Police Lieutenant Ed Whiting says that all parties were of age and that since no one has come forward to complain about witnessing the dive, they don’t anticipate pressing public nudity charges against the pair. However, an FAA spokesperson says that any activity that can impact a pilots ability to safely fly may be considered a violation of federal aviation laws.

Torres has been fired and Howell is awaiting a decision about her future at Skydive Taft. You can view the TOTALLY NSFW video here.

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