Melanie, Derwin, Tasha, Malik and the crew are back for the fifth season of BET’s hit show, ‘The Game.’

After making its triumphant return to TV last season, the drama will continue in January 2012.

Last season was full of action. Malik went to rehab, Derwin fired Tasha Mack, Kelly and Jason’s marriage was all but over, and Derwin and Mel visited a fertility doctor to figure out just why they can’t get pregnant. With so many unresolved issues this season promisses to be full of twists and turns.

Check out a sneak peep of season 5 below and let us know if you’ll be watching!


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  • I absolutely loved this show Season 1 through 3. Last season, the show was overly dramatic and the story lines were flat but of course I kept watching! I guess the game has become a new soap opera because it’s definitely not the same.

  • Me Me

    The show was just okay last year. The writing wasn’t real strong. I miss Jason and his ex-wife together and miss their original daughter. Plus, the attitudes changed with the success of the characters. The only one that was her character was Wendy. Me and family had stop watching it last season. The show wasn’t as funny as before. I hope this season will be different. I’m keeping my hands crossed. It was more like a soap opera instead of a funny sitcom. I wish the best for this show. I love All the characters.

    • shadow

      Co-sign! They need to put some more “funny” back in it!

  • awesom aint it!

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