In the film “Tower Heist” Eddie Murphy, Gabby Sidibe, Ben Stiller and a cast of characters team up for a comedic heist flick.

In the film, which is sort of a funny version of Ocean’s 11, follows a group of service workers in a high rise who get Bernie Madeoffed by one of the residents. After learning their savings accounts are now depleated, the workers team up to steal $20 million from the guy who stole their money.

Brett Ratner, the man responsible for the Rush Hour films, directs “Tower Heist” which also stars Matthew Broderick, Casey Affleck, and Alan Alda. It hits theaters November 4.

Check out the trailer. Will you be seeing it? 


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  • Jess

    yeah, ha ha real funny…is it just me, or does nobody else notice the horrible way in which Gabriell Sidibe has decided to allow herself to be cast?

    People, you all are quickly moving to the 1930’s coon and minstrel shows – willingly.

    It’s sad what too many of us accept. Looks like more of the recent bufoonery and Black-woman-hating type of “comedy”.

    • joceeco

      You are right Jess. I know that the money drives them to degrade themselves in most of these cases, but sometimes pride in ones self, ones people and heritage should trump our greed. Black Americans are a disgrace to our ancestors who worked so hard for the respect and dignity that has brought us this far. If you really pay attention to the demographic changes in America, you will find that Blacks are falling behind every group in every area of life, and we are marginalized at every turn. Our disfunctional behavior is giving every other group valid reason to continue to disrespect and shun us. We cannot expect others to respect us, when we do not respect ourselves. I mean… we must show them that their hatred for us will not force us to be like them in hating our own Black selves. Many if not most Whites, Latinos, Asians only tolerate us when they can make money off of us, outside of that they want nothing to do with us, because they see us as less than they are socially, intellectually and as human beings.