We began featuring Issa Rae’s series ‘The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl’ months ago on Clutch, and since then, the response has been amazing!

Not only have you guys fallen in love with the hilarious web series, but the mainstream media is beginning to take notice. During the summer I had lunch with Issa Rae, and she told me she’s been working hard to take ABG to the small screen. She’s been generating a lot of interest from many outlets, and with the overwhelming support of fans, she’s raised over $56,000 to continue providing episodes.

Recently CNN caught up with Issa Rae to discuss the success of ABG and how the internet will affect the future of minorities on TV (peep the Clutch “Where’s our Liz Lemon” shout out!).

Clutchettes, pat yourselves on the back. The success of “Awkward Black Girl” proves that if we support what we love it can and will thrive!

Check out Issa Rae on CNN. Do you support any other web series? If so, share!

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  • the sad thing is that my best friend JUST started getting on clutch and watching ABG and she was the one who told ME about this cnn interview. SMH how did i miss this!?!?

  • I love it as a web series. I think if she goes to the big screen she may lose her creative control. I do watch other web series such as Diary of a Single Mom by Robert Townsend, Everything coming up Ro’ses by Roetta Collins and Los Americans by Robert Townsend. I tried to watch AfroCity but didn’t get an interest from me. There are so many web series out there for people to watch. But I love ABG. As always love http://www.womenaregamechangers.com.

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  • Pingback: PostsThankful Revolution()