For most, Halloween is a light-hearted holiday where adults can play dress-up and party with abandon. Many exercise their creativity with costumes, choosing celebrities, cartoon characters and inanimate objects to dress as. But there are a few who use Halloween costumes to express their prejudice toward cultural groups under the guise of humor. A group of Ohio University students are finally speaking out about such offensive Halloween costumes.

The group formed an organization called Students Teaching About Racism in Society (STARS) and they created campaigns to combat culturally insensitive and offensive costumes. The campaign features young people from various ethnic groups from Native Americans to African-Americans with costumes lampooning and insulting their culture. We think it’s about time for a campaign as compelling as STARS to address this issue.

What do you think of the STARS campaign? Are they right for taking a stand against culturally insensitive Halloween costumes?

-Krystal Holmes

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  • Arca

    Get over yourselves, Deedi, you are right this campaign is ridiculous. I thought our PC days where behind us. It’s only getting worst. I’m dressing up like a burrning corran this year!

    • Bronze

      I double-dare you to put a face bomb in your turban.

    • Bronze

      fake bomb…sorry.

  • Veronica

    Ok , I would be honored if someone dressed as a Polish immigrant for halloween . Its a costume I think its a little much. The geisha girl costume is gorgeous , I think it portrays a beautiful aisan women. People need to settle down.

  • Danielle

    Really? It is just a costume. I can see where the terrorist one could be offensive, but on the other hand they are dressing up as a terrorist…not a middle eastern. Also the mexican with a sombrero, you can’t tell me there are not mexicans who wear sombreros. Indains did once dress like that so that is not offensive, have you not seen Pocahontas. Same thing with the Giesha, that is a part of japanese history, so start embracing it. And sorry the african american one, you see people like that all the time. People are going to dress like that. People need to learn not to take things so seriously and not everyone and everyword spoken has a racist view.

  • Bickle

    Get a life losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PrivilegeBingo

    I’m damn proud of these kids–speaking their minds and asserting themselves. To tell you the truth, I don’t mind the costumes, I just wish people would NOT add race to their costumes. And by adding race to their costumes, I mean trying to make your eyes “Asian” for your geisha costume or putting on brown/black makeup to look “Black” in your gangsta costume.