Taye Diggs stopped by MTV VJ Sway’s Shade 45 morning show yesterday to talk about his new children’s book, “Chocolate Me.”

The book, which Diggs says was inspired up his childhood growing up in all-White neighborhoods, explores the uniqueness of children and the issues they face growing up.

The book’s website describes it as:

CHOCOLATE comes from is a funny looking seed that opens to a little white slimy bean…from that you refine and work it into the SWEET TREAT that we all eat and love. This says a lot about who we are as people. We go through a process to BE SWEET… or BITTER in some instances, but it is essential for all things to come together to make us better…to make us the best that we can be…CHOCOLATE ME!!! Say it loud…”I’M SWEET INSIDE!!!”

During the interview, Diggs talked about his upbringing, his acting career, and meeting and marrying his Jewish wife.

According to Taye, his mother always told him he’d marry a White woman. Although his mother’s words used to bother him (listen to his explanation on part 2 at the 2-min. mark), Taye says he’s come to the realization that “love has no color”.

We agree, Taye…we agree.

Listen to Tay Digg’s interview with Sway. 

Part 1

Part 2

*hat tip to TheYBF

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  • Timcampi

    I definitely remember Mr. Diggs saying black women were jealous of his wife. I stopped liking him swiftly after that. I’m still not sure why I’m supposed to be jealous of his apparent “upgrade”. For a man whose “love has no color”, he sure does love to point out the differences.

    • Demi

      Exactly. Same here. Miss me with this one.

      There are so many other men out there deserving of our admiration, why waste anymore time paying attention to folks like these who are clearly NOT in co with us? I’m having a hard time understanding…

      Oh well. Next!

  • charlene

    If your momma always knew you would marry a white girl, tell me again how love has no color. Choose whomever you want, but some of these men are running from women who look like them. They want kids that’s a lighter straight hair version of themselves. “Chocolate Me.” Hypocrite! was the word that came mind when I heard that nonsense. He says this book is for all kids. Which white kid is buying a book called chocolate me. Or which bi-racial kid is buying that? Taye, keep it moving. Don’t come back to Black people to try to sell us nothing. I am not buying it.