Take yourself back to a time when Morris Chestnut was undeniably fine, black movies were in high supply, and Taye Diggs was still cast with a black love interest. The year was 1999 and everyone’s favorite movie was The Best Man.

Now fast-forward to 2011…things have certainly changed, but it looks like The Best Man is being given the throwback revival treatment. Universal Pictures has just set Malcolm D Lee, the film’s original director, to direct, write, and produce The Best Man 2. Yes, over twelve years later we can finally find out what happened to Harper, Jordan, Lance, and the host of other college friends who reconvened to celebrate the nuptials of a dear friend under questionable circumstances – or rather, see how well Nia Long has held up over the years (quite) and be subjected to more of Terence Howard’s breathy bravado and guitar playing — yes, Lee plans on reassembling the old cast).

What say you, Clutchettes? Are you excited about the possibility of The Best Man 2? Or is it too little to late?

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