Halle Berry is likely breathing a sigh of relief right about now as a judge decided to uphold the original custody agreement with her ex, Gabriel Aubry, on Monday. Former model Aubry took Berry to court recently to contest the original visitation agreement ruling, but to no avail. Aubry, who’s been accused of neglect and verbal abuse of daughter Nahla, must still be supervised when spending time with the 3 year old.

At present, “they say” Aubry is in Spain caring for Nahla while Halle is shooting Cloud Atlas in Majorca. The 3 hours alone he’s permitted to spend with the 3 year old is limited to outings to the park or shopping, but outside of those activities, a nanny must be present at all other times, including sleepovers.

Allegedly, Aubry is more than annoyed about this arrangement that basically puts his every move with his daughter under the microscope, but according to the Oscar-winning actress, this scrutiny is well warranted. Court papers revelaed that Canadian born giga-ho is prone to violence and verbal abuse. An unnamed witness reported  an unfortunate event that went down in February, 2010 upon Berry’s return from a trip. Allegedly, the troubled beauty called the police on Aubry after an argument resulted in him exclaiming Halle was a “ghetto n-word” and threw a chair against a wall. The witness claimed this left Berry “shaken, and sobbing,” yet that hadn’t been the first time such an outburst had occurred. Aubry’s racism came to light a few years ago, when rumors surfaced that the former model refused to embrace Nahla’s mixed heritage. According to The Star. “He never wanted her hair to be braided, and he always said that Nahla was white.” If there’s even a grain of truth to that level of insanity, Mz Berry should consider eliminating visitiation rights altogether.

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And is if Halle doesn’t have enough on her plate, the man charged with stalking the 45 year old Hollywood star will finally stand trail. An LA judge ordered the trial of Richard A. Franco on burglary and stalking charges. He was arrested on July 11th after trespassing on Berry’s property 3 days in a row – then actually breaking in to her home on July 10th. Completely distraught, Berry’s officially court statement read:

“This person has invaded and trampled upon the most fundamental sense of security I have. … I am extremely frightened. He has terrorized me and my family.”

The LA Times reports that Franco remains in custody at the Twin Towers jail. His bail is set at $150,000.


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