From VIBE Vixen — Natural hair continues to be on the rise. Everyone who is everyone either wants to be natural, is in the process of being natural or yearns to, one day, have natural hair. While many are trading in the “creamy crack” for kinks, curls and coils, there are lots of misconceptions surrounding natural hair from both men and women.

Not every woman with natural hair is “soul searching” and every man does not equate natural-topped women as the “India Arie” types. Taking hair back to its roots (no pun intended) is as diverse as the different complexions in the Black culture. To this day, there has yet to be one curl pattern to match another perfectly. Here are the top ten misconceptions and biased opinions on natural hair… refuted!

1. Everybody should be natural:Natural is an option for all women, but it ain’t for everybody. Choosing to relax your hair doesn’t mean that you’re “less black,” so don’t feel left out of the loop. Maintaining natural hair is no cake walk and takes a lot of work. Even with hair, you have to pick and choose your battles!

2. Women with natural hair are “looking for themselves”: If you decide to stop wearing your hair straight, you are on an intimate journey to find yourself, right? Wrong. Maybe some are, but most are on a journey to healthy hair, not self-discovery. When transitioning to natural hair, many will realize that altering their hair texture with a relaxer damages the hair, creates hair loss and causes scalp burns.

3. Natural-haired women are anti-weaves: Far from the truth! Many women with natural hair actually wear weaves as a protective style during transitioning and even after. Natural hair is more susceptible to frizziness, and in more humid climates, some women just opt to wear weaves to beat a puffy do’.


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