Always on the mission to nourish young minds, Sesame Street brings back the kinky haired Muppet who proudly sang “I Love My Hair,” to encourage young viewers to reach for their dreams in a new musical sketch titled “Change the World.”

Likely to be less controversial than last year’s ode to natural hair, “Change The World” is a upbeat, Sesame Street tune that tells children they have what it takes to manifest their dreams into reality. In the larger scope, the song, which is written by head writer Joey Mazzarino (who also penned the “Hair” tune), doesn’t just encourage success through attaining jobs deemed prestigious. “Change the World,” teaches kids to believe in themselves and to develop the determination to make a positive impact on the world. As the Muppet sings, the key is to “the best me that I can be.”

The 40 plus year old children’s program plans to continue tackling relevant issues affecting little people today. They’ve already launched a bully prevention campaign via the “Good Birds Club,” led by none other than the big yellow fella himself, naturally.

Dig the Sesame Street’s “Change The World”:

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