This Fall, CNN’s fourth installment of “Black In America” features the culturally interchangeable Soledad O’Brien leading what resembles a reality show focusing on 8 African American techie entrepreneurs seeking to make their mark upon Silicon Valley. The official tagline explains:

In Black in America’s fourth year year, CNN follows eight African-American entrepreneurs immersed in the predominantly young, white, male world of Silicon Valley. They live and work together as part of the NewMe Accelerator trying to diversify the tech scene.

It sounds oddly familiar. Basically, this is a story of eight strangers, picked to live in a house, work together and have their lives taped and find out what happens when they struggle to become Silicon Valley’s next big thing.

Yes, “Black in America: The New Promised Land – Silicon Valley,” will feature immensely dynamic pioneers – forced to live together in San Francisco for a whole 2 months – toiling away at their laptops while exaggerating workplace drama as they strive to reach the peak of the white-bread Valley.

As the trailer illustrates:

All cynicism aside, CNN’s newest effort may be worth a view. There’s much by way of intrigue and inspiration that can be drawn from observing a group of techie’s making moves in the lucrative California-based tech mecca. The Soledad O’Brien led reality show styled documentary premiers on November 13.

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