King B. and Jay-Z (and the stans) aren’t the only ones ecstatic about the couple’s baby, Ms. Tina is excitedly waiting the debut of her second grandbaby as well.

Recently Mama Tina sat down with Life & Style and shared a few more details about Beyonce and the baby. Although she was tight-lipped about the sex of the baby (they know, but aren’t sharing), she did share that Beyonce had a terrible bout of morning sickeness.

Ms. Tina said: “She went through it, but she’s got past it now. She’s doing really good. She’s busy.”

When asked if Beyonce is craving anything special, Ms. Tina said Bey is just “craving waffles” and is “just wanting to eat!”

Mama Knowles–who Beyonce credits as one of her biggest inspirations–gushed and said her daughter will be a great mom.

“She’s going to be an awesome mom.” But Ms. Tina warns, “I think it will slow her down somewhat, but I think she’ll be the same great person she’s been.”

Ms. Tina also had some great things to say about her son-in-law:

“I think he’s going to be awesome,” she adds. “They are very, very happy and just glowing. It’s great to see.”

So folks…looks like Bey’s pregnancy is shockingly normal after all. Who knew?




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