Tracee Ellis Ross has been on a promotional blitz lately. Ross is gearing up for the premiere of her new show, Reed Between the Lines, in which she is both the star and one of the show’s producers. Although all of her attention is focused on cultivating her new show–a family comedy many are calling a modern day the Cosby Show–Ross isn’t quite over her last hit role, Joan Clayton on Girlfriends.

Recently, I chatted with Tracee for Essence.com and asked her what many of you have wanted to know since Girlfriends suddenly left the air: Will we ever get a reunion?

Despite many stars trying to distance themselves from the iconic roles that put them on the map, Ross embraces Joan and says she can “pull her out” at any time. We hope.

So will there be a Girlfriends reunion?

Ross says: “The fact that people fell in love with Joan is a wonderful thing. It’s like people saying you did your job well. I mean, they still see Ron Howard as Opie, and how long ago was that? So if anything, it’s a mark that you did something good. [A reunion] is not on the radar, but I would love to do a “Girlfriends” movie. How much fun would it be to see what happens between Joan and Toni? Does Joan ever get married? I want to know!”

Although there’s no reunion on the radar, Ross says that the only way it’ll happen will be because the fans want to see it.

She continues: “The Game” got back on the air because of the fans, so I don’t know what all you people are waiting for, we need you.

So Clutchettes, there you have it. Want to know what happens between Toni and Joan or catch up with Maiya and Lynn? Want to see if Joan finally gets her wedding? Call your girls, create a petition, and make it happen.

Would you like to see a Girlfriends movie?

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