I’m doing this whole writing thing wrongsies. See, I should have become famous for something totally unrelated and THEN started writing (with the assitance of a “co-author”, of course). Because then, I could join the ranks of Steve Harvey, Snooki and now Tyra Banks. #noshade #okyesshade

Tyra’s Modelland debuted at #2 on the New York Times best selling children’s chapter books list. Not throwing shots at Ms. Banks, but its hard to imagine that she did not have a LOT of help with this, considering that she’s still hosting and producing both her talk show and America’s Next Top Model, launching this really special website and attending Harvard Business School. But kudos to her nonetheless.

The young adult novel is loosely based on Banks’ own life as a teen model, with Harry Potter-esque magic thrown in for a unique twist. Jezebel published a few excerpts in August. As a former teacher, I prefer the Sharon G. Flake and Walter Dean Myers books. As a former Sweet Valley High reading kid, I can understand why the youngins would be attracted to the story.


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