I was on Facebook this morning when I saw a video writer/activist Joan Morgan shared. In this hilarious, yet poignant, clip by a YouTuber named Felonius Munk, he takes the government to task for mishandling the economy.

While there is no shortage of rants about how paralyzed and ineffective Congress has been, this video was especially on point. In one section, Munk urges viewers to stop paying on the loans they owe to the federal government until lawmakers sort out their own budget issues.

While I find Munk’s rant interesting and refreshing, following his advice will get you caught up faster than pro athlete on All Star weekend.

What do you think of Felonius Munk’s rant? Does he have a point? Sound off! 

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  • RJ

    This is a rant by a very uneducated and simplistic fool. He needs to see a therapist and then take a civics class. The United States government is not like an individual person. THE US has a stream of revenue that cannot be interuppted by illness, job loss, or disability. The analogy of the credit card was stupid to begin with when the Tea Party began using it.

    Also, President Obama and others were not in office when the government began borrowing money from China. So if he wants to be mad at anyone he should direct his anger at those who created the mess ( who happen to be the main obstructionist right now. Oh the irony) and not the people who have been trying to fix the mess.

    This fool is loud and wrong.