As Occupy movements continue to erupt across America, one peaceful demonstration in Portland Maine came under serious physical threat this weekend. Police are on the look out for the person(s) who launched a chemical bomb at the Occupy Maine encampment located in the city’s Lincoln Park.

Not as populated as their big metropolis counterparts, Occupy Maine is an extension of the Occupy Wall Street Movement boasting about three dozen tents, including a tarped kitchen quarter, meant to provide meals for the ‘residential’ demonstrators.

Map of Occupy Movement Protests



Sgt. Glen McGary told the Portland Press Herald that police responded to an explosion that occurred in the park around 4am Sunday morning. Apparently, the homemade bomb – containing chemicals poured into a plastic Gatorade container – was thrown into the encampment’s kitchen area and caused no injury to the unsuspecting protesters.

A more detailed account by way of the Daily Kos, elaborates the averted tragedy:

“Early Sunday morning, around 4am, the members of the Occupy Maine camp at Lincoln Park woke up to a loud explosion. Witnesses who were awake said a car driving by slowed down, and lobbed an IED over the fence. Within a few seconds, it exploded. The blast reportedly lifted a table about a foot off the ground. The table generally requires 2 people to lift and move. The target was the center of camp where the overnight security team was.

One witness said this type of bomb could have caused a lot more damage if certain things were added and a lot of campers are fearful of another attack. Thankfully no one was injured last night but police investigators were on scene for 2 hours to identify the chemicals used and to try to find out who is responsible.”






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