Over the summer, filmmaker Janks Morton set out to raise money to complete his documentary, Dear Daddy. The film, which takes an emotional look at the toll growing up without a father takes on young women, recently hit the market.

Although we’ve all heard the term “daddy issues,” Morton aims to move away from the cliches and get inside the real effects of Black fatherlessness.

The stats are startling, according to Morton’s blog WhatBlackMenThink:

“82.3% is the number of African American children born since 1990 that will not live in the same home as their biological fathers before graduating High School. Today, a generation of African American youth, have not had sustained access to positive paternal or male role models.”

Because of this, Morton has teamed up with iYAGO Entertainment Group to not only share the stories of young women growing up without the love and support of their biological fathers, but also work with the families to try to heal the broken relationship.

Hauntingly emotional and at times hard to watch, Dear Daddy, shows–once again–why men must remain a constant presence in their children’s lives.

Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think! 

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  • Marva

    WOW! This clip was very touching! I would love to see the entire documentary.

  • msmisty60

    This is such a shame. I feel for this young gal. I can so identify as a single mom of a daughter. I cried with her. It was tough, very tough for my daughter and for me. He was never a part of her life. And I am white, my ex was Asian so it can happen to anyone, white, black, Asian, hispanic etc. The bottom line is no matter what your color, what your race or religion, it hurts when you are fatherless. My own father was not perfect but he was there for me and my child. He never abandoned us. If it wasn’t for him and my mom taking us in we would have been homeless. My daughter is now 34 and he acts like life is grand with his new family. He esp. adores his son. Sad, sad indeed.