This morning, many of us were a little taken aback to see images of a dead Muammar Qaddafi plastered across news sites and social media feeds without warning. Over the course of the past month, there have also been images of Michael Jackson’s autopsy photos posted unceremoniously, which have been used in the murder trial of Dr. Conrad Murray. This begs the question: why does the general public need or want to see post-mortem pictures of noteworthy people?

Back in 2006, when Saddam Hussein was executed in Baghdad, there was a demand for the release of cell phone footage of his death despite concerns about how it may influence some of his followers to retaliate. When Osama Bin-Laden was captured and killed by US forces this past May, there was again great interest in seeing his corpse (and even more fear that releasing these images would bait retributive violence from Al-Qaeda and their allies). News outlets have routinely shown pictures of bodies from the recent natural disasters in Haiti and Asia, Hurricane Katrina and other catastrophes that have cause massive losses of life (usually when these are people of color, it seems) with little regard for the deceased and their loved ones.

Clutch fam, do you need to see pics of dead people to process their demise? Does it make the tragedy or ‘victory’, in the case of a national “enemy” seem more real? Or do you find these images disturbing? Speak.

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  • I need a dead body with my news. I don’t think it’s gruesome. There are some people that I want confirmed dead and I don’t want some pretty blonde reporter ho humming her way into convincing me that a person like this is dead. I want proof.

    When a person is the villian I need to know they’re gone.

    • African Mami


  • Nadell

    Because we are becoming more morbid by the minute.

  • Zie

    Well I am glad to see that I am not the only one who feels a weird way about it. I was shocked that the news showed the video of him being beaten and bloody, and videos of his corpse in the fridge. I was even more stunned that they didn’t even give a warning. It was like they were just showing a dead dog. I’m confused about the whole thing. I did not need to see that.

  • Honey tells the truth in its own words

    We will never see George W Bush corpse on tv nor a white skin blue eyed corpse on national news, nor a single white corpse of 9/11 (besides the black guy falling from the tower). However Katrina African American dead bodies yes, African babies dying yes, African or Asian bloody dictator yes, Pakistani victims of floods yes,Tony Blair dead body no, African American troubled artist yes, Ronald Reagan dead body no (grandiose funeral) …. this is a tactic used by western countries to threat their enemies and to make non Caucasian people lives less valuable. You don’t realize it because you’re brainwashed and the tactic works.

    • B

      I was just thinking the same thing! You are certainly right – all this footage proves is how much our (brown and black) lives are undervalued. Same old dehumanization. Period.

  • Honey tells the truth in its own words

    I could continue for a while, national news showed tons of bodies of Haitian earthquake victims, have you ever seen on national news, a corpse from a natural catastrophe in North America?