Many woman love their Louie, Fendi, and Prada, so much so that some of us even purchase insurance for our bags. Ladies, do you remember your first designer label? That high you felt when you took it out of the box and gently peeled back the tissue paper from the inside. That glow in your eye was similar to the radiance you had when you met your first love or had your first kiss, it is indescribable yet so simplistic in the grand scheme of events that occur in life.

There is something about the feeling of wearing something exclusive that makes some women sparkle from the inside out. The sheer fact that the shoes your wearing, the jackets you are rockin’, or the earrings you ordered two weeks before they came out, can’t be found on another girl in the room. That orgasmic outburst that her ego experiences when you wear that label for the first time is something that is hard to replicate and explain. It is the pride in knowing that the fruits of your labor have paid off and now you can afford the nice things you dreamed of while watching fashion week in the fall months of your adolescence.

It is the label whore inside of us that quietly contemplates on how we will get that Coach purse and matching shoes, even hours after we have left the store, that keeps us up at night. Fellas, I don’t think you understand how serious we take our labels because if you did you wouldn’t be so confused about why women are so “into” relationship labels. Must I remind you that often times we will dream about an outfit a week before we buy it and use that one dream as the selling point to solidify our overpriced purchase? Yes, it’s that serious to some of us.

Modestly put, women enjoy relationship labels for some of the same reasons they love designer labels. Labels not only give us confidence in our relationship but they also give us self-assurance that something/someone that we feel we have invested time in has paid off. You see that label is our “selling point” while in discussions or altercations with you, our friends, and hell ourselves. For example, you come in late from a night out for the second time in a week and the first thing we state as our rebuttal to your behavior to win that argument is what ladies? A man in a relationship doesn’t need to stay out all night. Granted the relationship label isn’t thrown into the mix to provide us a weapon to throw during altercations but what it does do is it gives the relationship boundaries that are often nonexistent when a label isn’t put into place.

I hate to hear the common request from a man for a women to just go with the “flow” because I know often times the majority of us women aren’t flowing ass creatures. We are individuals who enjoy stability and assurance in all facets of our life. If we wanted to “flow” we would probably be dating more than a few men at the time and not be concerned with a label at all. But many of us are not only concerned, but down right persistent in wearing a label that sets us apart from other women in your life. We are searching for exclusivity in a dating word that often lumps together women like gummy bears in a summer heat. A label won’t make a man be faithful nor can it save a relationship that is already failing but it does give a woman piece of mind in a relationship that she has emotionally and exclusively invested her time and heart into.

Whether it be friendships, relationships, or business partnerships all relationships are investments. No one, not even men, enjoy investing into anything without results and woman are no different. Men who dodge labels often fail to understand that there are plenty of women who aren’t label hunting on Saturdays or online scheming for next season’s garments weeks before they are debuted. Those are the women they should avidly pursue. Yes, you may be attracted to the ambitious girl that works for her own bling, but if you aren’t able to invest emotionally maybe you should window shop for the time being, no? Just as men hate when a woman tries to change them into something they aren’t woman also despise a man who wants them to “flow” when really they are searching for a label that allows them to remain stable..

Ladies, I advise that you don’t begin to settle for less when you enjoy the best. There is nothing wrong with rocking labels that you yourself can afford and adore, but just be prepared for the reality that not everyone can afford you. That isn’t stated in a literal gold digger sense, but just know everyone isn’t ready to emotionally splurge on your high end label request to be in a committed relationship. But then again if they can’t afford to commitment, do they really deserve you?

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