Every once in a while social media–Twitter in particular–goes through an episode of “when keeping it real goes wrong” where individuals decide to add fuel to fire on issues or topics that don’t require such nonsense or hysterics.

This week many, but not all, black women on Twitter were in an uproar and placed Idris Elba’s dating preference under a microscope upon hearing news of him dating a white woman. Girl, what?

Timelines were flooded with negative comments on his decisions and questions of “Why?” The ridiculous feedback surrounding the news reached entirely new levels of ignorance. Even men were baffled that so many women had such an issue with Idris dating someone outside of his race.

What value does it add to anyone’s life of who this man chooses to date? It seems as though some women are constantly getting upset over a man dating a woman outside of his race as if it in someway affects their lives or validates their well-being. It doesn’t. To be clear – no one should be criticized or scrutinized for choosing to be involved in an interracial relationship with someone whom they have a deep connection. Just because you may be unwilling to explore dating someone who isn’t the same shade as you doesn’t mean anyone else should hold the same value. Love has no boundaries and it is certainly not subjected by color.

Now, there’s a fine line between choosing to date outside your race because that’s your personal preference and just outright bashing people of your same racial background. For example Isaiah Mustafa, the actor from the Old Spice commercial, made the self-hate filled comment recently about him desiring to have a woman and kids with “good hair” because his hair was “nappy.” Not that there’s any one specific type of hair that’s “good” hair, but his comments were ignorant and clearly targeting Black women. Obviously this wasn’t the case this week as Idris has never made comments publically bashing women of any race (and even tweeted to fans not to believe ‘the rumors’). People were clearly investing too much time into this man’s life. Yes, Idris is fine and I, for one, would date him in a New York minute if given the chance. But to criticize him and his new girlfriend for having a relationship? Absurd.

If you don’t like or allow anyone else’s comments or opinions to influence who you choose to date, you shouldn’t do it to anyone else.

Since when was love a color? If men rarely get upset at a women for choosing to date outside her own race, why should you?

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  • thetruthisbittersweet

    is it wrong for us to want to perserve our race and heritage? God is against it and so am I. Everyone is gonna look like clones in the next 100 years. No distinction! What a shame and shame on him.

    • AustralianGirl

      Can you please clarify how you KNOW God is against interracial relationships? lol

    • Deuteronomy 7

    • Absolutely right. The so called Negroes, Blacks, or African Americans are the true Hebrew Israelites and are according to Deuteronomy 7 suppose to marry within their own nationality. The nationality of the child is determined by the father not the country of origin.When one marries outside their nationality, one usually takes on the nature of that person. For so called “blacks” they usually become “gentile” in behavior, culture, spirituality and shun anything that is associated with blackness. We should strive to preserve our Hebrew Israelite nationality and heritage.

  • Southernbrown

    I’m so sick of black acting as though black women no longer exist. I think black men would be bothered if ever time they looked up a black women was with some other racef race of man as if they didn’t exist. Idris Elba along with a growing number of black males are wrong for dating and marrying outside the race. After all what race of women makes up his fan base black or white. Just like I don’t support any of Terrance Howard movies because of his total disregard for black women, I’ve now added Idris to the pack. All that’s left as far as I’m concerned is for black women as a collective body of people the moment we find out that one of men is dating outside the race to no longer support any of this movies, products, whatever, we should begin immediately to act as though his ass does not exist.

    • melmanu

      Ladies, idris was photographed ONCE with a white chick! Since when did one smiling pic mean dating someone? His exwife is black, last girlfriend was blk etc. Another blogger sent him a tweet asking if he has a prefence for white girls & he said no. So this is based on one image, never once did this man diss blk women. So to add idris to the hate list is a bit silly with no evidence! But, it does piss me off that black men seem to get status or success & as soon as they do they date white women. Its like it signals importance. Of course i would not hate on true love but what message is it sending us. What we are not beautiful or sexy? Having said that we cant base our self worth on these men. Black women are beautiful and we need to teach our young black men that we raising to respect & love us. Unless it is a blk man that seems to have an issue with race ie Mustafa, brian white i dont trip. I try to live my life as jill says…golden. Respect yourselves, no one will love you if at first u do not love yourself, flaws & all.

  • Nice

    YES! Please tell them to focus on their own lives not on someone else’s. What’s there in dating someone from a different race? They’re humans not monkeys. I think those tweeting this shit and becoming busy bodies are just wishing they should be picked…bunch of jobless chicks, babes or infants lol. Idris date any colour or shade of girl, lady, woman you wish…all were created by GOD.

  • Cece

    This seems to be a huge issue with American women, it’s absurd! In Britain where Idris happens to be from!! interracial relationships are very much the norm, nobody gives a rats arse, you see them everyday and no one blinks an eye lid, No matter if Your asian, caucasian or black. Myself and my black partner were harassed by a group of black teenage girls in New York a few years back they shouted various racisl abuse at us including calling him a disgrace and traitor to his race. We were in utter shock, we had never experienced racial abuse in our own country. I’m very greatful to be from a multicultural and accepting country.