An out-of-work Lithonia, Georgia woman got the surprise of her life after visiting her local convenient store: She became a millionaire.

After going to the store to buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket,  the store clerk mistakenly gave Kathy Scruggs a Powerball ticket. The switch-up was a blessing in disguise for Scruggs, who had been laid off in the spring. She won $25 million.

When she found out she had the winning numbers, Scruggs said she couldn’t believe it: “We were screaming and hollering, and everybody came running,” she told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “I could not believe it.”

Scruggs said she feels blessed to win because it’ll give her the opportunity to give back. After buying a car and traveling, she says she plans on buying her mother and grandmother a house and starting a foundation to help those in need.

Do you play the lottery? What would you do if you won? 

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  • Erica

    Congrats to her. This exact thing happened to me months ago but unlike her I didn’t win a thing.

  • Eric

    Congrads!!! Let’s just hope that she is able to do good things with her money. The vultures will come out to get a peice of her winnings. If she is not careful it can disappear very quickly. Ist thing is to do is to get a good lawyer and a finical manager.

    • CoCo

      I agree!

  • African Mami

    retire……in Africa!

  • Ashley

    I would buy my mother and myself a house; set aside trust funds for my sisters and first cousins college educations; and pay for my own tuition at college. Other than that, help family who can in return help themselves and better their own lifestyles. Give back to my community and schools I attended/graduated from.