17 years since its series finale, Fox has announced that they will air 2 half-hour specials of mega hit comedy show, “In Living Color.” With Keenan Ivory Wayans at the helm as both host and executive producer, the two 30 minute shows will be presented midseason next Spring as part of Fox’s 25th anniversary celebration. If the updated versions of the wildly successful sitcom meets with success, “In Living Color” will make a full comeback as a regular series next season.

According to Deadline, it was original series creator and executive producer Keenan Ivory Wayans’ idea to reboot the series with a brand new cast. They plan on following the same blueprint for success as the sitcom that first aired on April 15, 1990. The new “In Living Color” promises to be a modern-day version of the hit sketch comedy show that will usher in dynamic, new talent, and feature musical performances by special guests.

Famous for their predominantly African American cast, In Living Color was a comedic trailblazer that also stood out due to its raw, politically incorrect, but socially relevant material. The former hit show that starred Wayans siblings, Keenan, Damon, Kim, Sean and later Marlon, also launched the careers of Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey, David Alan Grier and Tommy Davidson (for a time).

No specific date has been given, but expect to see the revival of “In Living Color” some time in the Spring of 2012. Fans of the original series can all agree – news of this magnitude deserves “2 snaps, a twist and a kiss, you can’t touch this!”

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  • I want this to work but I know it won’t. Primarily because there isn’t really any true talent out there like on the original (just look at SNL) and secondly because a lot of the stuff that was funniest on the original was the stuff that we call “un-PC” now.

  • Digg

    I totally agree with Stephanie’s last statement. So much of what made the show hilarious was that it was unyielding with it’s humor. No one was safe…and our society has become so PC, that every two minutes there would be a boycott, lawsuit, uproar of some kind–if the writers were doing the show any justice. We’ll see. I definitely love the re-runs

  • Mr. Man

    Yeah, folks are much more sensitive these days and with networks being so defensive of their money flow their thumb will be right there on the cancel button ready to push.

    Will it be watered down? will he hold no punches? I duno. Heres to hoping for a reboot hit, but I sure wont hold my breath….

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