A friend of mine recently hit me up for information about becoming an egg donor because knowing me, she figured I’d researched it in the past. I guess considering my six paid bone marrow donations (for research, I wouldn’t charge someone who needed it to live) in college, she’s not wrong for guessing that. Alas, I did do my research into selling my precious eggs like, the day my weight fell into the acceptable range for doing so. However, I didn’t feel entirely confident that I would pass the rigorous screening process and chose not to waste my time.

Considering that families looking for egg donors are screening to find the person who will be the biological parent of their child AND spending thousands of dollars to do so, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can’t just walk into a clinic, say “I’m fertile!” and get a 6k check for your time. There’s also a smaller pool of Black families in need of this service than there are White ones, so the competition to sell a brown egg is pretty thick. If you are interested, you have to be in impeccable health, educated, drug-free, etc. While many egg donors are motivated by the compensation, there are also “altruistic donors”-those who simply believe that giving a woman the opportunity to have a baby is the greatest gift they can offer and are simply happy to do it. I’d be happy to make someone else happy, but with the intrusion on my body and the amount of doctor’s visits required would definitely force my hand to reach for that check.

That said, let’s just say you were an acceptable candidtate for the process…could you do it? How would you feel about having a child that shares your DNA walking the earth without you? Personally, I think the world should absolutely be populated with mini-Jamilahs, but not everyone is as keen on themselves as I am.

Would you consider egg donation? Why or why not?

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