Why won’t people let sleeping ‘Pac lie? In a most disgusting revelation, someone has come forward with a tape allegedly featuring the slain rapper receiving oral sex from a woman while performing a song and talking with friends; the clip was filmed in 1991. Though it is expected that interest in Tupac’s life will continue long after we are all gone, the idea of watching him perform an intimate act (even if said act was performed in front of an audience) fifteen years after is death is even more needlessly exploitative than the sex tapes that drop every 3-6 months from celebrities who are still alive to defend themselves legally. And I’d wager that the young woman involved would prefer not to be associated with a blow job she gave well over a decade ago. Certainly her children, Tupac’s mother and other family members would also prefer that this moment in the rapper’s history was not shared with the world.

This raises again the ethical question of celebrity sex tapes and nude pictures, specifically those that were “leaked” without the participants’ permission. While our fame-obsessed society constantly searches for intimate details of our favorite celebs’ lives, there needs to be a line. And looking into the bedrooms of someone you don’t know who claims not to have been interested in giving you a peek? Disgusting. ‘Pac might not have gave a f*ck in 1991, but twenty years later he doesn’t have the opportunity to speak on the matter. If the tape does in fact become public, don’t give the miscreant who leaked it the pleasure of checking out.

Do you find the idea of a Tupac sex tape to be titillating or tacky? Do you watch celebrity sex tapes? Why or why not? 

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