When it comes to fashion, Zoe Saldana refuses to be influenced by big names when selecting attire. Perhaps with a body like hers, she may not have to – nonetheless, the driving force behind her fashion sense is a private one.

The stunning actress only wears clothes that compliment her personality. In a conversation with People magazine, Saldana said,

“I love so many designers. From the older iconic ones like Lanvin, Givenchy. I’ve got Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Diane von Furstenberg and Calvin Klein. I wore an amazing Louis Vuitton dress to the Golden Globes. But I look to find myself in them and not to get lost in them. So if I see an outfit from a designer that I really feel will complement my personality and I know that I would wear it well, I will definitely fight for it.”

In the image-centric realm of Hollywood, the “Colombiana” star’s use of fashion as a means to compliment her personality, rather promote a persona is a refreshing concept. With so many celebs out there – namely Lady Gaga leading the charge – it’s easy to forget that dressing like it’s Halloween every dang day isn’t the only way to create a captivating look. But I digress…

A fashionista in her own right, the Avatar star launched fashion database, MyFDB.com, along with fiancé Keith Britton. Similar to IMDB, MyFDB aims to catalogue ‘who’s who’ in every magazine shoot, from the subject in front of lens to the creative team behind it, and much more.
“It’s really for anyone who loves fashion magazines, luxury brands, celebrities, models – you can browse them all [on] MyFDB.COM,” Saldana adds.


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