Last week the internet jumped for joy when it was announced that television network Fox would bring back the hit 90s sketch comedy show ‘In Living Color’ for two special episodes that will be hosted and executive produced by the show’s original co-creator, Keenan Ivory Wayans. In its prime ‘In Living Color’ was not only hilarious, but it became a launch pad for the careers of mega superstars like Jennifer Lopez, when she was truly just Jenny from the block, and Jamie Foxx when he was the lovable, but hideous ‘Wanda’. These days shows like ‘In Living Color’ are hard to find and very few, if any, breed true talent. Quality television these days consists of ignorant people who will do anything for a dollar and then use that 15 minutes of fame to flood red carpets, infomercials and gossip blogs. Now that ‘In Living Color’ is making a brief comeback, one can’t help but reminisce on the good old days when television was actually, well, good. The list could go on forever, but here are three of our favorite classics that need to come back for an encore. Cue Jay-Z and applaud them.

Sure the fifth season sucked because Martin Lawrence got hooked on that ish (and Tisha Campbell sued him), but before the drama ‘Martin’ was that fire. The show ‘Friends’ was nothing but a long shot dream when Martin, Gina, Tommy, Cole, Pam, and the rest of the cast and characters of ‘Martin’ hit the scene and became must see television for millions each week, not to mention it was funny as all hell. Martin may have put on weight these days and Gina’s head might still be big, but damn it we still don’t know what Tommy does for a living and that’s reason enough to bring the show back.

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  • Honestly, I think that a reboot of Living Single could possibly work… but I’d definitely be down for a reboot of A Different World. Bring back Debbie Allen to produce and direct with a couple of newer writers that are in tune with today’s College Students. Have some of the old school actors reprise their roles and have a new generation of Hillman Students (with ties to the old cast). This could possibly be a hit. It would probably have to be on cable though.

    We should start a petition to get this off the ground.

  • Whatever

    A Different World… 20 years later, the experience of black college students. That would be so interesting!