Just the other day it was spring and we were all dying for summer, now we’re less than a week away from the start of the holiday season. While many of us use this season to spend time with out families and reflect on the things we’re thankful for this year, we can’t forget about all those who are less fortunate. Taking time out to give back to those in need will not only renew your spirit, but the spirit of those you help. Check out these three ways you can give back and spread a little holiday cheer to someone you will truly appreciate it.

Volunteer At Your Local Food Pantry or Shelter
During the winter months shelters and food pantries are overwhelmed with the number of people seeking their help. Before you head off to enjoy Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner with your family, stop by your local food pantry or shelter and ask if they need help stocking their shelves, making care packages or serving holiday meals to local families and/or homeless. You can even make it a group event and take a few family and friends along…the more hands the better!

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