From the runway, to television and now bookstores, Tyra Banks is definitely not your average model. Her intense attitude and deep insight into business and modeling has shown us what it means to be a powerful woman and trailblazer in your field. You may look at Tyra and think you have nothing to learn, but you’re wrong. Here are four lessons we’ve learned from the fierce Ms. Banks.

To Be “All That,” You Have To Act “All That”

It may sound dated, corny and cliché to say you want to be “All That,” but trust us Tyra knows what she’s talking about. In life sometimes you have to act the part to be the part and if you look uncomfortable, timid or unsure of yourself in your everyday life, people aren’t going to perceive you as powerful, knowledgeable or charismatic. In order to achieve the dreams you have, you must portray the attitude that you’re already powerful. Be confident and you will reap success you’re working towards.

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